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Packed full of things for those who love pigs, we have found lots of pig related goods, pig facts, pig gifts and pig fun for you. From pig jewellery to pig clothing, you can kit yourself out in pig merchandise or buy a pig present for a pig obsessed friend.

Pig Console Table By Marcantonio Malerba
Another piece in the collection by Seletti, the Sending Pig is a beautiful and ingenious way of adding a touch of nature to your home. A pig in the living room doesn't seem like a great idea, but this furniture proves otherwise as it looks completely kitsch and contemporary all at once.



The Golden Pig Bank
This classy farmyard creature, made from a hefty marble resin, is supremely detailed – complete with a shiny little snout, smooth body hairs, curly tail and a large bung in its pork belly. Your savings have never looked so good.




Swarovski Chinese Zodiac - Pig
In China, the pig symbolizes carefree fun, good fortune, and wealth. As the pig likes to be merry, others enjoy its company. This fascinating animal is skillfully captured in faceted and unfaceted Silver Shade crystal with eyes that gleam in Moroda Tabac crystal.



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