Gardening Is Hard Work


So now the weather is getting more spring like I am becoming obsessed with gardening. My garden is a complete mess and I am certainly not a competent person to put things right. Also, I have become obsessed with bulbs. Two years ago I bought a hundred mini tulips and stupidly planted them where the slugs were lurking underground. I could almost hear the munching sounds as the shoots were attacked. I love tulips but this year there are only a handful of them showing. However, I have just invested in a pair of gardening gloves and four packs of lily bulbs. (I told you I am obsessed with bulbs!) I have taken advice on getting rid of the pesky slugs too so this year my gardening efforts might be more successful. It’s hard to cross fingers while wearing gardening gloves but I am certainly trying.

Christmas Gift For A Ninety Year Old

I think buying a Christmas gift for any ninety year old lady is pretty difficult. There are two such ladies in my family and I am on the lookout for unusual Christmas gifts for them. It may sound odd but anything dachshund related might fit the bill for my Aunt. She has recently adopted a sweet little smooth haired dachshund and now the whole family is obsessed with dachshunds. We point out dachshund related items we come across such as a cute ladies jumper embellished with tiny dachshunds and a cushion with an applique version! It seems to be spot the dachshund season in my family! The funniest dachshund item I have seen so far is a dachshund calendar which is described as being “square” … surely it must be oblong!! Find it here; dachshunds

Now I am completely off my topic as I have been diverted into the small world of Dachshunds! I must stop being so obsessed with dachshunds and concentrate on finding other Christmas gift ideas.


Are You Obsessed With Christmas?


Christmas is rapidly approaching and I will soon go into full Christmas panic mode. Some people love the Christmas season. They enjoy the whole experience; Christmas cards, Christmas presents , Christmas trees and decorations. You could say they are obsessed with Christmas.

My holly bush is full of beautiful berries and looks really Christmassy. I hope the birds don’t take all the berries before I get round to cutting a few branches off to add to my Christmas decorations.

I have my Christmas cards already which I bought from the local Hospice charity shop. Now I need to look for two scooters for Christmas presents for two little boys and get some Christmas paper for the books I have to wrap. Oh, and Christmas themed sellotape would be fun and Christmas tags too!

So I am going out to the shops to try and finish my Christmas shopping!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 22.25.04

Looking For A Small Green Handbag

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 22.25.42

Adding to my last post …  I have now decided a small green handbag would make a good birthday present for my mother in law who has everything. I know she likes cross body bags as I have seen her using a small one. Her favourite colour is green so I can’t go wrong with a small green cross body handbag, can I? The proof will come if and when she uses it! After sifting through a cluster of green handbags online I found what I thought was the perfect little bag! That is until I read that it might not be delivered until after Christmas. Now I must decide whether to risk buying this lovely little green handbag. The birthday it is intended for is exactly one week before Christmas. I decide against and start searching all over again!


Christmas Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

It is so hard to buy a gift for someone who has everything but even harder when their birthday falls exactly a week before Christmas. Every year is the same for me as I struggle to find a suitable birthday present and Christmas present for my mother in law. This year I am searching for the perfect birthday gift earlier than usual in the hopes of clearing my head for the inevitable rush for ideas nearer Christmas. I have found some lovely birthday cards which are almost a birthday gift on their own and might plunge for one of those while I continue looking for something small to add to it. There is one pop up design birthday card which seems to fit the bill and is priced at about a fiver.