Andrew Strauss: Testing Times - In Pursuit of the Ashes
Paperback. Pub Date: 2010 07 Pages: 342 in Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. Thanks TESTING This TIMES the 2009 Ashes-winning captain's personal account of a remarkable two-year period in world cricket. When Strauss. went out for his second innings in the Napier Test of March 2008. everyone thought...

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Andrew Strauss: Winning the Ashes Down Under

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Man Ray: Human Equations: A Journey from Mathematics to Shakespeare
Man Ray's "Shakespearean Equations"-a series of paintings he considered to be the pinnacle of his creative vision-has long been a puzzle of Surrealism. What meaningful common thread could possibly link Shakespeare, mathematics and art? This volume sets out to unravel the puzzle by beginning with pho...

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Driving Ambition - My Autobiography

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By Andrew Strauss - Driving Ambition - My Autobiography



Your Child Has Scoliosis, Now What Do You Do?: Options to Stay Ahead of the Curve
Dr. Andrew Strauss's passion for finding the underlying cause of scoliosis and effectively treating it brought him on a journey to explore new frontiers in the realm of evidence based, scientifically sound principles that get to the root of the problem. In this groundbreaking book Your Child Has Sco...




Climate Change Geoengineering: Philosophical Perspectives, Legal Issues, and Governance Frameworks
The international community is not taking the action necessary to avert dangerous increases in greenhouse gases. Facing a potentially bleak future, the question that confronts humanity is whether the best of bad alternatives may be to counter global warming through human-engineered climate intervent...

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Andrew Strauss: Coming into Play - My Life in Test Cricket
Strauss' account of his life (so far) as a Test cricketer. 8vo. 296pp. 32 pages of photographs. Dust-wrapper, very good.

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A Global Parliament: Essays and Articles
Democracy is the guiding principle for fairly and peacefully making community decision at the local, provincial, and national levels of human society. In this compilation of their collected works, Falk and Strauss argue for a practical approach to now finally extending democratic decision-making to ...

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Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

Simon Sinek's recent video on 'The Millennial Question' went viral with over 180 million views.

Find Your Why is the follow up to Start with Why, the global bestseller and the subject of the third most watched TED Talk of all time.

With Start Wit...




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