Doh Vinci Platinum Styler Suite
Be a master crafter and take DIY to new dimensions with this epic suite of DohVinci tools! This innovative Styler is adjustable for even easier designing, and comes with over 20 accessories for tons of ways get creative with bold 3D lines. Just load a Deco Pop color into the Styler and choose a sett...

RRP: £15.99
Offer price: £5.99


Trolls Doh Vinci Custom Desk Organiser Kit
3 Easy steps - includes inspiration guide. Make a Trolls Custom Desk Organiser. RECOMMENDED AGE 6 years and above

RRP: £7.64
Offer price: £7.64



Play-Doh Doh Vinci Frame Frenzy Kit
Creativity will surely shine bright with this colourful collection of 5 fun photo frames! Create unique room decor to decorate any space or give as gifts with colourful DohVinci design compound. Add vibrant designs with bold 3D lines using the enhanced Styler and Deco Pop colours, including 3 sparkl...

RRP: £10.29
Offer price: £10.29


Hasbro Play-Doh DohVinci Style and Store Vanity Set
Hasbro - DohVinci - Style & Store Vanity complete design kit

Let your creativity pop off the page with a unique make-and-display art experience that just might get you hooked. Brought to you by the makers of Play-Doh modeling compound, DohVinci design kits let you decorate and personal...

RRP: £19.99
Offer price: £6.00



Hasbro Doh-Vinci Featuring Disney Frozen Door Design Kit
Let creativity sparkle with room decor inspired by Disney Frozen! Decorate any space with this fabulously frosty hang-up door sign featuring Anna and Elsa. Add vibrant 3D lines to the sign using the Styler and Deco Pop tubes. Simply choose a colour, pop it into the Styler, then squeeze, design, and ...

RRP: £17.00
Offer price: £5.00


Play-Doh Doh Vinci Colour Mixer
Hasbro - DohVinci Colour Mixer

Remix your creativity with an awesome art experience that just might get you hooked! DohVinci kits feature a Styler tool and Deco Pop tubes filled with design compound to make all kinds of cool designs with bold 3D lines. With the DohVinci colour Mixer, y...

RRP: £19.74
Offer price: £4.99



Play-Doh Toy Doh Vinci Flower Tower Picyure Frame Kit Playset, Includes 4 Colours
Hasbro Design in 3D with the DohVinci Flower Tower kit. You can use the 4 Deco Pop tubes, Styler and design tip in this set to decorate a spectacular tower of fantastic flowers and frames for your favorite photos. Flowers and other beautiful details are a snap - just aim, squeeze and design to your ...

RRP: £12.99
Offer price: £6.75


Doh-Vinci Play Doh Advent Calendar
Hasbro European trading B.V. DohVinci Advent Calender with the creative DohVinci Advent Calendar you can store every day a part of the large can single piece construction. What all the behind the 24 doors Panoramic hidden? The set includes in addition to the design image, a styler, 6 DohVinci cart...

RRP: £17.07
Offer price: £7.99



Play-Doh Doh Vinci Ultimate Design Suite (13 Project Mega Set including A Flower Tower Frame & Two Door Decors)
This mega, large Doh Vinci set really is the ultimate gift for a budding DohVinci artist. It contains 60 pieces including: 4 blank boards, 2 stylers, 3 specialty tips, a sculpting tool, an inspiration guide and 18 Dec Pop Tubes. You can use the 18 Deco Pop tubes, 2 stylers sculpting tool and 3 desig...

RRP: £49.99
Offer price: £19.99


Doh-Vinci Secret Sparkle Jewellery Box Kit
Create a dazzling display for your favourite jewellery pieces with the DohVinci Secret Sparkle Jewellery Box Kit. Customise this fabulously functional room décor with colourful DohVinci compound. Simply load a Deco Pop colour into the Styler, then aim, squeeze, and design with bold 3D lines! The en...

RRP: £9.99
Offer price: £9.99



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