TNP Accessories DUO Muay Thai Kickboxing Boxing Speed Skipping Rope BLACK
A 9 foot training speed rope made from nylon with plastic handles. An excellent tool to enhance your cardiovascular workouts, for both adults and juniors. NOTE: PLEASE ENSURE JUNIORS USE THIS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT UNDER SUPERVISION

RRP: £1.88
Offer price: £1.88


EMRAH ESV-300 Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training DX Hide Leather Sparring Punching Bag Mitts kickboxing Fighting (Grey, 10 OZ)

RRP: £31.87
Offer price: £19.89



Xgeek 2PCS PU Leather Punching Kicking Palm Pad Target Mitt Glove for Focus Training of Karate MuayThai Kick Boxing UFC MMA

Absorb punches in an anatomically correct foot position for the greater ability.This pad is a complete workout of punches, elbows and knees.

Highly Rated Focus Mitts

Get More Out Of Your Training - Become Faster, More Accurate & Hit Harder Padding-Ultima...

RRP: £11.98
Offer price: £11.98


MAXSTRENGTH ® Unisex Rex Leather Pink Curved Focus Pads Ladies with Pink Boxing Gloves boxing bag gloves senior junior girls hook And Jab Sparring Kit Boxercise womens martial arts UFC training punching kickboxing equipments MMA adults. (8oz)
MAXSTRENGTH ® Unisex Pink Ladies V Shaped Curved/Straight Focus Pads Coaching Mitts

Designed to provide improve accuracy and accurate Hand to Eye co-ordination. Made from High Quality and Durable Rex-Leather with Multi Layering Padding for Maximum Shock Absorption. A High Dense Foa...

RRP: £18.99
Offer price: £18.99



MMA Fight Shorts Grappling Short Kick Boxing Cage Fighting Shorts - All Sizes
Robuste und langlebige, dehnbare (Flex) Panels für mehr Mobilität. Hergestellt aus robustem Polyester und dehnbarem Gewebe - T3 Nähte. Starke Durchsetzungskraft. Hochwertiges Klettband-System, Innere Kordel für zusätzliche Anpassungen. Tolles Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis!

RRP: £29.45
Offer price: £12.45


Gallant 5ft Free Standing Boxing Target Punch Bag - Heavy Duty Boxing Bags Excellent for Sparring/Kick Boxing/Martial Arts/Training Equipment - Free Shipping Sale Price
Are you ready to train HARD?!

Whatever your choice of martial art discipline, the Gallant Free-Standing Punch Bag is ready for you to attack it with everything you've got! The more effort you put into your training, the better results you will see in the ring.
Our heavy-duty punch...

RRP: £79.99
Offer price: £61.99



RDX Boxing Hook & Jab Punch Pads MMA Target Focus Punching Mitts Thai Strike Kick Shield
Trainer or trainee, RDX® boxing focus mitts have all your punch and strike needs covered! Martial arts trainers can now maximize fighter potential without incurring any damage themselves from those intense MMA striking rounds! These curved hook and jab pads are made from our Maya Hide leather while...

RRP: £31.24
Offer price: £16.99


Wuudi 2PCS PU Leather Punching Kicking Palm Pad Hook & Jab Strike Pads Target Mitt Glove for Focus Training of Karate MuayThai Kick Boxing UFC MMA

The curve on the focus mitts help you place the pads perfectly onto your hands giving the best grip to the training instructor.

On the reverse of the pad there is an elasticized glove which allows an easy on and easy off process.

A gentle padding in the glove gives a perfect g...

RRP: £14.99
Offer price: £13.99



Rex Leather Boxing Gloves MMA Muay Thai Punch Bag Sparring Fight Pad Kickboxing Martial Arts Training Gloves (Pink, 10oz)

These Gloves with Velcro wrap closure mechanism with a long cuff strap designed to provide additional support

Xn8 Moisture away mesh lining for your inner palm designed to support a dry and cool hand compartment and reduce hand sweat

Made with extremely durable PU synthetic leath...

RRP: £13.99
Offer price: £13.99


RDX MMA Strike Shield Curved Training Thai Pad Kick Focus Target Boxing Punching Mitts (THIS IS SOLD AS SINGLE ITEM)
Train with enduring sports brand RDX deluxe training arm pad made of Maya Hide Leather and filled with 'IMT' three layers of Gel integrated thick Foam for heavy duty shock absorption, high density foam to take the most gruelling hits. It easily absorbs full contact strikes and the double layer...

RRP: £38.74
Offer price: £26.99



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