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RDX Kids Boxing Gloves for Junior Muay Thai Training - 6oz, 4oz Children Kickboxing Punch Bag Mitts - Great for Focus Pad Punching, Sparring, Fighting and MMA – Padded Maya Hide Leather Boys Gloves
RDX manufactures junior Muay Thai kickboxing gloves that are suitable for youth that are into serious training. These Kids boxing gloves can be used on focus pads, punch bags, or even while sparring. It's versatility matches its high quality build. Made of Maya hide leather for extended durability a...

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Farabi Muay thai shorts are designed aesthetically for the fighters who prefer comfort and style. The shorts are made from prime quality Satin-P material which gives a soft and light feel. Equipped with a stretchable K-Knit elasticated material for waistband to be used with abdomen protector. The Z-...

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Punch Bag Boxing Taekwondo Karate Martial Arts Kung Fu Kickboxing Free Standing Punching Bag MMA Muay Thai
Between training sessions, you need a way to fine tune your moves and maintain fitness. Kick Dummy is the closest you'll get to a real live sparring partner.

Inflatable, sturdy and portable. Unlike a traditional punch bag Kick Dummy has 'legs' making it ideal for practising kicks and p...

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Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL3 Color: Black Blue Red Green Yellow White Orange Pink Purple Brown Size: 8 10 12 14 16 oz Training & Sparring All Purpose Gloves for Kick Boxing MMA K1 Tight Fit Design with vectro straps (Black, 10 oz)
Twins boxing gloves are widely considered the best boxing gloves in the world. Made in thailand at the twins special factory, these gloves are made of the finest hide leather. With the highest level of care put into their construction, these gloves have been battle tested and endure years of regular...

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RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay Thai | Matte Black ConvEX Skin Leather Gloves for Sparring, Kickboxing, Fighting, Punch Bags and Focus Pads Punching
Have you ever bought a boxing glove that did not deliver the kind of durability, intensity and comfort that you were looking for? Whether you're a professional, an amateur or a martial arts enthusiast, we know you want and deserve the best. You want - A durable power-punching boxing ...

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Farabi Boxing Gloves 10oz 12oz 14oz 16oz Boxing Gloves for Training Punching Sparring Punching Bag Boxing Bag Gloves Punch Bag Mitts Muay Thai Kickboxing MMA Martial Arts Workout Gloves Boxing gloves Men Boxing Training Gloves
The Farabi Pro fighter boxing gloves is an amazing additions in the boxing equipment series and are considered to be one of the best boxing gloves for men. Ergonomically designed according to the needs of professionals around the globe. It incorporate the Nano-Spores technology for ventilation which...

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RDX Ego Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training Maya Hide Leather Sparring Punching Bag Mitts kickboxing Fighting
Our arsenal of boxing gloves are a testament to our superior craftsmanship. Whether you're training Muay-Thai kickboxing or punching a heavy bag, you can be certain that this pair can weather any storm. Durable Maya Hide leather coats the interior of these exquisitely handcrafted boxing training glo...

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EMRAH Charged V-2 Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training Maya Hide Leather Sparring Punching Bag Mitts kickboxing Fighting (Matt Black, 14 OZ)

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RDX MMA Shin Instep Guard Leg Pads Protective Gear Muay Thai Boxing Training Kickboxing
RDX's shin guards with instep can be used for Muay Thai kick boxing, MMA or standard martial arts. The moulded non-bulky design with dual-padding is made with lightweight nylon based Nylastic outer cover for superb durability. Shin pads protect one of the most sensitive bones - the shin, along with ...

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