iClobber Kickboxing Holdall for Boys Kids Girls Womens Kit School Club Bag-Red
Holdall, Detachable adjustable strap, Shoe Section, Waterproof pocket

RRP: £21.99
Offer price: £21.99


RDX Hand Wraps Training Boxing Inner Gloves MMA Fist Protector Bandages Kickboxing Mitts
When you want to switch between weight lifting and punch training - RDX's latest in line of inner gloves is a design apart. Made with rubberized grip on the palm and highly shock-absorbent EVA padding slabbed over with a Shell-Shock gel Equilibrium sheet, these gloves serve both, weightlifting and b...

RRP: £21.99
Offer price: £10.99



RDX Chel Protection Kickboxing Foot and Wrist Bandage KN & Oumlchelschoner, 0, 0, Grün, Large
This is a brand new pair of is medically proved Authentic RDX ankle mitts. These are made of a durable and comfortable elasticized fabric blend. Consisting out of 38% Polyester, 16% Rayon and 46% Elastic, this quality support bandage is instrumental for tendovaginitis, sprain and strain. It surround...

RRP: £9.49
Offer price: £4.99


Farabi thai pad kick shield mma kickboxing muay thai training pad arm pad strike shield (White/black)
Farabi Fierce Curved Strike Training Pad is the pro addition to the Boxing and MMA gear range. Made form high quality durable XT-Synthetic leather that is meant to withstand the heaviest blows. Equipped with a dual KXR-Handle Gripping System safeguarded with the machine inserted GGX-core steel rivet...

RRP: £17.99
Offer price: £17.99



RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay Thai | Matte Black ConvEX Skin Leather Gloves for Sparring, Kickboxing, Fighting, Punch Bags and Focus Pads Punching
Have you ever bought a boxing glove that did not deliver the kind of durability, intensity and comfort that you were looking for? Whether you're a professional, an amateur or a martial arts enthusiast, we know you want and deserve the best. You want - A durable power-punching boxing ...

RRP: £34.99
Offer price: £27.99


RDX Shin Guard MMA Instep Foam Pad Support Boxing Leg Guards Foot Protective Gear Kickboxing (CE Certified Approved by SATRA)
These SATRA certified shin guards with instep should be a staple to your martial arts, MMA or Muay Thai training. RDX's shin pad foot protector is made from lightweight CF-F and Aegis Protect-X foam padding that absorbs and dissipates impact of force before it reaches anywhere close to the shin bone...

RRP: £23.74
Offer price: £15.99



TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch bag boxing Heavy Best Value Training Martial Arts Kickboxing Muay Thai 6ft New Red
6ft TurnerMAX free standing punch bag allows a 360 degree rotation to the player providing the user a realistic training challenge without the need of a sparring partner. This free standing punch bag can even be used by taller adults even those ranging between 180-190cm. It is very easy to assemble ...

RRP: £134.99
Offer price: £134.99


Mastering Muay Thai Kick-Boxing: MMA-Proven Techniques

RRP: £5.99
Offer price: £4.08



RDX Ego Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Training Maya Hide Leather Sparring Punching Bag Mitts kickboxing Fighting
Our arsenal of boxing gloves are a testament to our superior craftsmanship. Whether you're training Muay-Thai kickboxing or punching a heavy bag, you can be certain that this pair can weather any storm. Durable Maya Hide leather coats the interior of these exquisitely handcrafted boxing training glo...

RRP: £40.24
Offer price: £25.99


Gallant Black-Target Free Standing Boxing Punch Bag - Excellent Quality Heavy Duty Punch Bag/Kick Boxing/Martial Ats/MMA Dummy Equipment 2017
Are you ready to train HARD?!

Whatever your choice of martial art discipline, the Gallant Free-Standing Punch Bag is ready for you to attack it with everything you've got! The more effort you put into your training, the better results you will see in the ring.
Our heavy-duty punch...

RRP: £99.99
Offer price: £69.99



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