LEGO UK 60157 "Jungle Starter Set Construction Toy
Discover what lurks on the banks of the river in the LEGO City jungle with the Jungle Starter Set, featuring a boat with space for gear and 3 minifigures, a tree with hidden treasure, camera and a working magnifying glass.

Includes 3 minifigures, plus snake, frog and crocodile figures.

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £5.99


LEGO UK 60163 "Coast Guard Starter Set Construction Toy
Join the crew of the LEGO City coast guard as they protect the beach with the Coast Guard Starter Set, featuring a beach tower with stairs and viewing platform, beach buggy with opening roll cage, room for 2 minifigures and space for the 2-minifigure surfboard on the roof, binoculars, 2 walkie-talki...

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £4.06



Lego 60023 City Starter Set

RRP: £69.95
Offer price: £69.95


LEGO 10706 Blue Creativity Box Building Set
Lego Classic Blue Creativity Box 10706

RRP: £4.99
Offer price: £4.39



LEGO 60100 City Airport Starter Construction Set
Be part of the crew with a very important job! Help the postal workers empty the mailbox and get the mail to the helicopter. Load the onboard storage boxes before helping the pilot into the cockpit. Fill up the fuel tank with the gasoline barrel and lead the helicopter to the runway with the guide l...

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £8.98


LEGO City Airport 60100 Airport Starter Set Building Kit (81 Piece) by LEGO
Features a helicopter with spinning rotors, space for a minifigure and storage boxes that open;Accessory elements include a gasoline barrel, 2 hand trucks, mailbox, wrench, 3 pieces of mail and 2 lights;Includes 4 minifigures: a female postal worker, male postal worker, pilot and airport service wor...

RRP: £19.95
Offer price: £12.97



LEGO City Fire 60106: Fire Starter Set Mixed
Lego - City - Fire Starter Set

Race the fire hovercraft to the pier and put out the fire! Send the diver into the water to save the dockworker and then help the other firefighters put out the flames on the engine. Keep the pier safe and become a Lego City firefighting hero!


RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £6.99


LEGO DUPLO 10561: Toddler Starter Building Set

RRP: £17.99
Offer price: £39.99



LEGO 60136 "Police Starter Set Building Toy
All the dogs of Heartlake city love coming to play at Andrea and Mia's puppy day care. Run around the agility course with them in the garden it's like a playground for pups! head inside to give Luna the Husky and toffee the Pug a good wash in the bath and a pamper session. Then they can have some fo...

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £10.18


LEGO 60120 City In/Out Volcano Starter Construction Set - Multi-Coloured
Head out with the crew of volcano explorers and scientists to investigate the active volcano! Pack up the ATV with everything you need, and remember the camera for pictures. Look out, the volcano is erupting! Check out the boulder that's by the volcano, what's inside? Grab the pickaxe, a new scienti...

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £7.99



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