Retro Sweets Cosmic Share Box - A Selection Box Perfect for 2 - Contains 2 of Everything
A Retro Sweet present that's perfect to share. This inexpensive treats which make super birthday, congratulations and get well soon presents. Give someone a surprise - they will love it. A great gift that will make the most difficult person to buy for smile, it's a real lifesaver for those hard-to-b...

RRP: £12.95
Offer price: £9.95


Sweet Hamper Retro Sweet Box to Share - Lunar Selection Box Perfect for Sharing - Contains 2 of Everything
A Sweet hamper that's perfect to share. This jam-packed retro sweet box makes the perfect inexpensive treat. Our sweet hamper is the best gift idea for a Christmas present, a birthday gift, congratulations or a get well soon present. Give someone a wonderful surprise with this special sweet hamper; ...

RRP: £14.85
Offer price: £12.25



Retro Sweets
Re-live your youth with this fun selection of old fashioned sweets - sherbet lemons, rhubarb and custard, mint humbugs are just three of the nine sweets packed into this attractive wooden crate.

RRP: £17.94
Offer price: £15.95


Retro Sweets Mega Gift Box: Jam Packed With Over 60 of the Best Retro Sweets.

In your box you get these 54 different retro sweets classics plus a 250g Mix-Up Bag Of The Best Chewy Penny Sweets Around (there'll be stacks more than 6 different types of sweet in there, so that's the 60+ sweets comfortably):

Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum
Black Jacks Chews
Candy Sticks...

RRP: £15.95
Offer price: £15.95



Simply Sweets retro sweet hamper gift box. Packed with the best retro sweet. A perfect present for Birthdays, Get Well Soon, Christmas. Packed in a fun stylish unique box, everybody will be sure to love this sweetie box.
Our Simply Sweets sweet gift box is crammed full of all the best retro sweets, it is nostalgia at its best! A perfect hamper for all occasions and ages, from the little ones to Nan and Grandad, we guarantee they will love it. Watch their eyes light up as they open their very own sweetie box filled w...

RRP: £11.95
Offer price: £11.95


A Quarter Of Already Wrapped Bumper Retro Sweets Selection Box, 730g
We've been selling retro sweets on Amazon for 4 years now...

And in each of those years we've had the Amazon Christmas best-seller.

Plus all of our selection boxes over the years have received stellar reviews... So you can be certain we know how to create Christmas Gifts that peop...

RRP: £10.95
Offer price: £10.95



Retro Sweets Atomic Share Box - Two Of Every Sweet
Retro sweets gift box with 2 of every sweet, perfect for sharing. Our Atomic retro gift box, makes a great Secret Santa, Gift Idea and is perfect for 2 to share. Each box contains: 2 Candy Whistles, 2 Refresher Original Chew Bars, 2 Drumstick Chew Bars, 2 Sherbet Double Dips, 2 Candy Sticks, 2 Candy...

RRP: £7.50
Offer price: £5.95


The Letterbox Buster- Old Fashioned Retro Sweets, 450g

If you're looking for a perfect birthday gift that won't break the bank then your search is finally over! And the same applies if your looking for an inexpensive present idea for an anniversary, get well soon, congratulations or any other event. Everyone loves retro sweets!

Whether you're ...

RRP: £7.49
Offer price: £7.49



Best Retro Sweets Cartoon Box Selection - Your Childhood Sweetshop In A Box

If you're looking for perfect secret santa gifts, stocking fillers or simply inexpensive but fun Christmas presents then your search is finally over! Everyone loves retro sweets!

You get a fun, cartoony box packed full of the most nostalgic, best of British, retro sweets ever. It also make...

RRP: £12.95
Offer price: £12.95


Retro Sweets Gift Box: Just Treats Cosmic Gift Box: Jam Packed with the Best Ever Retro Sweets

The Original Retro Sweet Shop in a Box

Just imagine the look on their face when they open up this wonderful Retro Sweets Cosmic Hamper:

  • Black Jacks Chews, Fruit Salad Chews, Refresher Chews, Anglo Bubbly, Chocolate Footballs, Milk Chocolate Coins, Wham Mini Chew Bars, Maoa...

    RRP: £13.75
    Offer price: £9.76



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