Parachute regiment stable belt. Para belts (Large up to 42 inches)
Parachute Regiment stable belts Chrome buckle and superb product.Money back if not satisfied. The para stable belt comes in 3 sizes

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Man Down

Mark Ormrod was a 'gravel belly', a 'bootneck' marine who loved being in the heart of the action when things kicked off, and he relished the prospect of a tour of duty in Afghanistan. And then the unthinkable happened.

In one heartstopping moment Mark's life was brutally shattered when a la...




The Paras Ultimate Fitness: Based on the Parachute Regiment's Training Programme



The Parachute Regiment Leather Medallion Keyring
A high quality leather keyring displaying the Parachute Regiment crest

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Pineapple Joe's - Parachute Regiment Sweatshirt Large - Burgundy

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The Paras: 'Earth's most elite fighting unit' - Telegraph

Tough, highly adaptable and efficient, the Parachute Regiment has established itself as one of the finest fighting forces in the world. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its founding, renowned historian Max Arthur has compiled this enthralling oral history of the modern Parachute Regimen...




Parachute Regiment Flip Top Lighter
The lighter has a coloured, soft enameled image on the front over a polished chrome body. The image is hard-wearing and scratch resistant. Complete with an embossed gift tin. The lighter is fuelled by a petroleum based liquid fuel which due to postal rules is NOT FILLED OR SUPPLIED.

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Parachute Regiment – solid oak plaque with official Regimental badge and motto 'Ready for Anything'. The perfect military gift / present. Suitable for all occasions.
A handmade Parachute Regiment plaque featuring the official regiment badge and motto - ' Ready For Anything '. A unique gift that is ideal for serving soldiers or veterans - suitable for all occasions including birthdays, Christmas, graduations, Fathers Day, passing out ceremonies etc. The ...

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The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast 1970-1973
“A fine and definitive expose of the full extent of the insidious policies of 'Perfidious Albion' in its own backyard. The deployment in the North of Ireland, of the bullets and brutality of the armed wing of the British establishment was no accident of history. It was an integral part of world-wi...



How to Join the Parachute Regiment: The Insider's Guide (How2become Series)
Hard to Find book

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