Breakout (Fugitive Marines Book 1)
When a meteor strike unleashes an alien intelligence bent on taking over the human race, only a ragtag band of Marines can stop them. The only problem is, they're in prison for a crime they didn't commit. For the next 98 years.

And their prison is two and a half billion kilometers from Ea...



Icom M25 Waterproof Handheld VHF Marine Radio - Metallic Grey
ICOM M25 Waterproof Handheld VHF Radio Buoyant Marine VHF Transceiver

Great features mixed with style are the traits of Icom’s new IC-M25 buoyant marine VHF radio which floats and flashes when dropped into the water. Sporting an elegant slim design this new model has the lightest body in the m...

RRP: £154.99
Offer price: £135.00



The Marine World: A Natural History of Ocean Life
The Marine World is a book for everyone with an interest in the ocean, from the marine biologist or student wanting expert knowledge of a particular group to the naturalist or diver exploring the seashore and beyond. With colour illustrations, line drawings, more than 1,500 colour photographs, and w...

RRP: £45.00
Offer price: £30.17



'Fifteen years on, the remembrance of that day has returned to me. I have seen that boy wandering through the mist of the railway station, and the name of Marina has flared up again like a fresh wound. We all have a secret buried under lock and key in the attic of our soul. This is mine...'




Promise Me You

A heartening romance of friendship, second chances, and the healing power of love…

Mackenzie Hart has made a career out of writing about eternal love, so when she finds her perfect match in Hunter Kane, she decides to put it all on the line. Irresistibly charming and drenched in al...



The Diver's Guide to Marine Life of Britain and Ireland

RRP: £19.95
Offer price: £15.95



Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impacts
The oceans cover the majority of the Earth's surface; they influence our climate and provide a valuable source of food to billions of people. Yet despite its fundamental impact on our lives, many aspects of the marine environment remain a mystery to us. Marine Ecology: Processes, Systems, and Impact...

RRP: £40.99
Offer price: £33.32


Guerrilla (The Royal Marine Space Commandos Book 2)

For the colony to survive, the Commandos must go on the offensive!

Lieutenant Warden’s Marines have driven the enemy from New Bristol and saved the colony but they’re not yet in the clear. Now they face a new challenge; the imminent arrival of an en...




The Family Jewels
Brand New



The Marine 5 - Battleground [DVD]




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