The SBS in World War II

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Special Deliverance (SBS Trilogy Book 1)

A top secret mission to change the course of the Falklands War, the first book in the SBS Trilogy

In the war-torn, storm-swept South Atlantic, a small band of highly-trained SBS experts embarks on a vital secret mission: to sabotage Argentina's stock of deadly Exocet missiles. The course ...




Special Forces: Tales of Heroism from Around the World: SAS, SBS, Delta Force, U.S.Navy SEALs, Spetnaz and GSG9. (Afghan Heat Book 2)
Special forces are military units trained to perform unconventional missions. Special forces emerged in the early 20th century, with a significant growth during the Second World War with the inception of Special Forces such as the SAS and U.S Navy SEALs. This selection of gripping stories from speci...



SBS: The Inside Story of the Special Boat Service

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SBS: The Invisible Raiders

Shrouded in secrecy, the Special Boats Squadron, the SBS, has always been the subject of much conjecture and speculation.

An elite, semi-clandestine yet military body of men, their reputation is as formidable as that of their Army counterpart, the SAS.

Now, following ...



2019 1 Page per Day Appointment Diary. A4 Black Yearly Case Bound Planner. Free SBS Consumables Pen. 15 Minute Appointments. A41A
2019 A4 1 Page per Day Appointment Diary 15 minute appointments run from 9am - 6pm on each day including Saturday and Sunday. Added space for 'evening' notes and appointments Comes with free pen Black casebound hardcover with ribbon page marker. Week runs Monday to Sunday. Monthly calendar running a...

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First Into Action: A Dramatic Personal Account of Life Inside the SBS
Paperback. Pub Date: 2001 07 Pages: 446 Publisher: Little own The Special Boat Service draws its Manpower solely FROM the Marine Commando Units. It was first into battle-a month before the SAS-in the the Falklands War. And again in the Gulf War. yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the hig...

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SBS In World War Two: The Dramatic Story of the Original Special Boat Squadron
The dramatic story of the original special boat section of the army commandos


During the Falklands War, a small, secret band of Royal Marine Commandos of the Special Boat Squadron carried out vital reconnaissance missions for the Task Force.

The original ...




Special Deception (SBS Trilogy Book 3)

The third book in the SBS Trilogy features an incredibly dangerous and secret mission in a tumultuous Syria

Charlie Swale of the SAS would never have dreamed of betraying his country. But nor could he ever have imagined that the Soviets would be able to dupe him…

Charlie had been ...



Blondie: Founder of the SBS and Modern Single Handed Ocean Racing
Blondie While 'Blondie' Hasler will always be remembered for his leadership of the Cockleshell Heroes raid, he achieved so much more during his life-time. Thanks to his inventive genius, he pioneered the era of single-handed endurance sailing and performed amazing feats of seamanship. This acclaimed...

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