The Astronaut Wives Club

Author: Lily Koppel
Publication Date: 27/03/2014
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The true story of the wives behind the American Space Race, catapulted into the glamour of the spotlight during the '50s and '60s...

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DURAN DURAN ASTRONAUT New Astronaut [Audio CD] Duran Duran




An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

Colonel Chris Hadfield has spent decades training as an astronaut and has logged nearly 4,000 hours in space. During this time he has broken into a Space Station with a Swiss army knife, disposed of a live snake while piloting a plane, been temporarily blinded while clinging to the exterior of an...



Flying to the Moon: An Astronaut's Story
Flying to the Moon Astronaut Michael Collins adds a revised chapter to the extraordinary story of his training and participation in the Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 flights. "Several astronauts have written about their experiences, but none so well as Michael Collins...This is just the book to give the c...

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The Gods Were Astronauts
In The Gods Were Astronauts, Erich von Däniken investigates a mystery that has fascinated humankind for millennia: who, or what, were the Gods described in ancient stories?

Erich von Däniken has exhaustively researched and analyzed the great world religions, their myths and belief stru...



Astronaut Food - Strawberries
Freeze-Dried, Ready-to-Eat, Strawberries Enjoy your Strawberries just as the Astronauts do - the freeze-dried way! Astronaut Strawberries®, as well as other freeze-dried food items, have been aboard space missions since the early Mercury Missions. They continue to be used on NASA missions today. Ho...

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Astronauts - Read it yourself with Ladybird: Level 1 (non-fiction) (Read It Yourself Level 1)
How do astronauts get in to space and what do they do there? Find out about rockets, space stations and how to sleep in space. For over thirty-five years, the best-selling Read it yourself with Ladybird has helped children learn to read. All titles feature essential key words. Title-specific words a...

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Astronaut: 1961 Onwards (All Roles and Nationalities) (Owners Workshop Manual)
The book begins with early ideas about astronauts in science fiction and film portrayals of the r....

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Astronaut Food Neopolitan Ice-Cream
The foil sachet contains freeze dry food, which lasts almost indefinitely-perfect for interplanetary flights!

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Melissa & Doug 18503 Astronaut Role Play Costume Set (5 pieces) - Jumpsuit, Helmet, Gloves, Name Tag
ore than a seasonal costume, this beautifully designed role-play set is made of top-quality materials and built to last through countless adventures and year-round imaginative play. It can be worn every day and still stay looking great thanks to washable fabrics and durable construction, and it's si...

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