Hama Beads and Pegboards in Tub (Pink)
Children can have hours of fun creating great designs with the Hama Beads and Pegboards in a tub. The tub Contains 4,000 beads, 3 pegboards, colour printed design sheet, instructions and ironing paper. Children can develop their creativity by producing colourful bead designs on the plastic pegboards...

RRP: £11.00
Offer price: £9.99


Creation Station 250 g Barrel of Pony Beads , Assorted Colours Approximately 1000

RRP: £5.99
Offer price: £5.50



Aquabeads 79638 Mega Bead Pack
Have mega fun with the mega bead pack. Containing 2,400 beads in 24 colours, this creative set will let you make designs with mega imagination. Aquabeads are the good arts and crafts toy for kids. Easy to use, you just make the design in a layout tray, spray with water and then wait for it to set so...

RRP: £23.99
Offer price: £16.93


Hama 28178320140 Beads 10,000 Beads in a Bucket - Multicolour
The Hama 10,000 Beads Tub is   packed with a huge variety of coloured Hama beads. Expand your designs further or create brand new pieces of art with thousands more beads. This set, for use with other  Hama  sets, is suitable for ages five and up.

RRP: £14.99
Offer price: £12.54



100 Christmas Tis the Season Pony Bead Mix 9mm x 6mm
You will receive a random selection of gold, red and green, opaque, pearl and glitter pony beads. These are ideal for a huge number of crafting and jewellery making projects. They are are available in a huge array of colours and effects with a larger hole which makes them versatile for your crafting...

RRP: £2.65
Offer price: £2.25


Aquabeads 30258 Deluxe Studio
Deluxe Studio - make your imagination come to life with the Deluxe Studio. From characters, ice cream and fruit to cute animals and 3D turtles, with 1,300 jewel and solid beads in 24 colours, the amount of possible creations is endless. The set includes a tool case with bead palette, 1 bead peeler, ...

RRP: £29.99
Offer price: £22.49



Hama Beads Pastel Mix in Tub

Beads in Tub Contents: Approx 13,000 beads, pastel mix.

Product code: 211-50

RRP: £20.00
Offer price: £10.77


vytung Fuse Beads Kit-10000pcs 36Colors(6 Glow in Dark) 5Pegboards 89 patterns(29 full size) Ironing Papers Tweezers Storage Case Hama Beads Compatible Kit
The Perfect Toy For All Creative Kids
Are you looking for a nice gift that every child will love?
Do you want your kid to spend time and have fun in an artistic way?
Do you need a toy that will keep your children entertained for hours?
Then look no further because we've got yo...

RRP: £18.80
Offer price: £18.80



Water Beads, 50,000 Colourful Crystal Water Gel Beads for Orbeez Foot Spa Refill, Sensory Toys & Plant Wedding Decoration by CiaraQ
1. Sensory Water Beads
Really, there's not much more you need to do with water beads than have a bowl full of them to plunge your hands into and hold and squish them.
Water beads seem like magic to kids because the beads start out so tiny and grow within a few hours. Just watching t...

RRP: £18.99
Offer price: £8.59


Aquabeads Multicoloured Solid Bead Pack
This is a refill set of solid beads with eight different colours included. There are over 100 beads of each colour, plenty to make your own creations. Suitable for children aged 4 and above. With colourful Aquabeads, elegant creations are simply a spray of water away.

RRP: £5.99
Offer price: £3.63



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