The Tyrant's Shadow
[Senior's] vivid characters [capture] this chaotic era with a lively sense of how it must have felt to those living through it - The TimesA court without a kingdom, a kingdom without a king...England, 1652: since Charles I's execution the land has remained untethered, the people longing for change. ...

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Offer price: £3.68


Liberation Square

RRP: £12.99
Offer price: £12.99



Admiral Hornblower: Flying Colours, The Commodore, Lord Hornblower, Hornblower in the West Indies (A Horatio Hornblower Tale of the Sea Book 8)
An omnibus edition compromising of four C S Forester's classic seafaring tales about Horatio Hornblower, namely: Flying Colours, The Commodore, Lord Hornblower and Hornblower in the West Indies.







The French Lesson (Henrietta Lightfoot Book 2)

For fans of TV dramas like 'Victoria', 'Downton Abbey' and 'Poldark'

'A riveting novel of female intrigue, betrayal and revenge in the French Revolution. Read it!' LUCY WORSLEY

PARIS, 1792

It was a head, but one so bloodied, so rolled in filth, that it was scarc...



The Nun's Tale: An Owen Archer Medieval Mystery: An Owen Archer Mystery (Owen Archer Mysteries 03)
When a young nun dies of a fever in the town of Beverley in the summer of 1365, she is buried quickly for fear of the plague. But one year later, a woman appears, talking of relic-trading and miracles. She claims to be the dead nun resurrected. Murder follows swiftly in her wake, and the worried Arc...

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Knights Of The Cross

1098. The armies of the First Crusade race across Asia minor, routing the Turks and reclaiming the land for Christendom. But on the Syrian border, their advance is halted before the impregnable walls of Antioch.

As winter draws on, they are forced to suffer a fruitless, interminable siege, ...



The Final Summons: A New England Speculative Writers Anthology
Galactic omens. Apocalyptic wastelands. 14 mind-bending stories of future worlds and dark fantasy on the brink of oblivion.

Fate is never written in the stars. From embattled lunar colonies to inter-dimensional courtrooms and the murky alleyways of Victorian London, there’s no t...




Devil's Brood (Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine Book 3)

In this gripping tale of passion, politics and conflict, King Henry II finds himself brutally betrayed by his wife Eleanor and three eldest sons when they enter into a rebellion against him. Aligning themselves with Henry's most bitter enemy, King Louis of France, their treacherous actions will h...



The Fall of Dragons (Traitor Son Cycle 5)

The Red Knight's final battle lies ahead . . . but there's a whole war still to fight first.

He began with a small company, fighting the dangerous semi-mythical creatures which threatened villages, nunneries and cities. But as his power - and his forces - grew, so the power of the enemy he ...




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