Lily's Kitchen Chicken & Turkey Casserole Complete Wet Food for Dogs 400g (Pack of 6)
Holistic, natural & organic. Fresh meat. Fruits & vegetables and botanical herbs. Hypoallergenic. No soya or wheat. No GMOs. No fillers or jellies. No rendered meats or derivatives. Vet approved and ethically approved. No artificial colours or additives. A complete food for dogs. Welcome to Lily's K...

RRP: £13.24
Offer price: £13.24


Forthglade 100% Natural Grain Free Complementary Dog Pet Food Just 90% Chicken 395g (18 Pack)

Forthglade Menu - Full of natural goodness This is a complementary pet food for dogs and cats and for dogs may be fed with good quality (mixer) biscuit. The menu range is formulated with 100% meat protein, giving twice the food value of cheaper foods. The menu products are vacuum tray sealed and ...

RRP: £23.22
Offer price: £16.99



Pet Munchies Chicken Chips 100 g (Pack of 8)
Pet Munchies Premium Treats made from the finest ingredients. No artificial additives or preservatives. No artificial flavourings or colourings. Naturally low in fat.

RRP: £23.92
Offer price: £15.81


Applaws Cat Food Pouch Chicken and Pumpkin, 70g, Pack of 12
Applaws Wet Cat Food Pouches Chicken Breast and Pumpkin 12 x 70g Pack

RRP: £13.08
Offer price: £9.99



Thrive Cat 100% Chicken Treats MaxiTube - 200g
100% real freeze dried treats 0% nonsense We love the reaction we get from our cats when we give them Thrive. Our cats love Thrive because it's real food. Thrive isn't made with derivatives or other rubbish, nothing sugary or fattening. Most cat treats are made with cereals and fillers which then ha...

RRP: £19.99
Offer price: £16.99


Wagg Complete Worker Dry Mix Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables, 17kg
Product Description Wagg Complete with Chicken and Veg is a balanced formulation packed full of ingredients to help keep your dog in top condition. We have included vitamins A, C & E and citrus extracts to help support a strong immune system, yeast and fibre for a healthy digestion and yucca extract...

RRP: £19.59
Offer price: £10.00



HiLife Spoil Me! Dog Food Flaked Chicken with Beef '15 x 100g Pouches'
HiLife Spoil Me! has been created using simply the best quality human-grade ingredients and absolutely no artificial additives. The result is a delicious all-natural recipe for which your dog is sure to love you! This is a complementary petfood for adult

RRP: £13.35
Offer price: £13.05


Burns Dog Food Original Chicken for Adult or Senior Dogs 15 Kg
Burns Canine Maintenance Chicken & Brown Rice is a hypo-allergenic food that is highly digestible and can be used for the nutritional management of dogs with certain diet related problems.

RRP: £58.83
Offer price: £41.99



Sheba Fine Flakes Cat Tray with Chicken in Jelly, 85 g - Pack of 18

RRP: £9.00
Offer price: £9.00


Encore Cat Food Pouch Chicken & Brown Rice, 70g, Pack of 16

RRP: £14.40
Offer price: £14.40



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