KOOKOO BirdHouse white wall clock with 12 natural bird voices field recordings or cuckoo cuckoo clock modern design songbird clock
BirdHouse is a sleek and striking modern cuckoo clock. "To hear the time" is what drives us. Every hour one the hour one of 12 domestic birds sing their melody. Alternatively the classic cuckoo calls might be selected. The field recordings are provided by Jean-Claude Roché, France: Blackbird, Song ...

RRP: £119.90
Offer price: £119.90


Acctim Feldburg Cuckoo Pendulum Wall Clock
Requires 3 x C type Batteries.

RRP: £32.99
Offer price: £30.79



'Uhren-Park Eble' - Black Forest Cuckoo Clock - Battery Operated Quartz Movement - Cuckoo Chime - 10 Different Melodies - Wooden Carving - Hand Painted - 22 Centimeters
Height: 22 cm. - Accurate to the second Quartz movement, battery operated. Five lots of foliage Decorate This lovely carving in this modern cuckoo clock. Decorated with hand-painted flowers and the elaborate hand carving made from real wood, and there are 10 different melodies on the hour to choose...

RRP: £67.48
Offer price: £67.48


Walplus Vintage Look Cuckoo Clock Wall Art Home Living room kitchen Office Décor Restaurant Cafe Hotel Decoration, Brown

RRP: £39.99
Offer price: £27.99



'Uhren-Park Eble'; Black Forest cuckoo clock made of wood; battery operated quartz movement; cuckoo chime

  • Height x Width = 32 x 27cm (12.5 x 10.5 in)
  • Black Forest-style half-timber house
  • solid wood
  • handmade
  • hand-shingled roof
  • quartz mechanism
  • cuckoo call each full hour
  • waterfall sound and echo in back during cuckoo ...

    RRP: £125.08
    Offer price: £125.08


Trenkle Uhren Kuckulino Black Forest Clock with quartz movement and cuckoo chime, turning dancers TU 2018 PQ
Colour: Walnut The clock has a battery operated movement with manual night shut-off and wooden dial. It needs two mignon AA batteries. The running-time of the batteries is about one year.

RRP: £41.00
Offer price: £39.77



Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Mechanical Bird Hand-Made / Carved by CLOCKVILLA HETTICH-UHREN
Only Original from Germany



Walplus Elegant White Cuckoo Clock Wall Art Home Living Room Kitchen Décor Restaurant Cafe Hotel Office Decoration
Who invented the cuckoo clock is still a mystery to this day, but it is thought that the first ones were crafted in the Black Forest area of southwestern Germany around the middle of the 18th century and quickly spread and became popular for the quality and beauty of their craftsmanship. Now you can...

RRP: £39.99
Offer price: £29.99



Acctim Hamburg Cuckoo Pendulum Wall Clock
Quartz pendulum movement Height 36cm (inc pendulum & weights) Requires 3 x C types batteries

RRP: £45.16
Offer price: £34.85


KOOKOO AnimalHouse blue cuckoo clock wall clock with 5 farm animals field recordings from nature modern design sleek clock
AnimalHouse is a small, funny cuckoo clock with 5 animals: every hour on the hour - instead of a cuckoo - a rooster or a dog or a cat or a pig or the elephant sounds. The rooster sound like a real farm animal. The whole family loves this clock, especially children like the cat meowing or when the do...

RRP: £89.90
Offer price: £89.90



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