Disney 167CCC Cars Mack Truck Playhouse - Pop Up Role Play Tent
Pop up. Peep out. Play. Join Lightning McQueen on road trip adventures with this Mack truck role play tent. Get into gear and race along with this brightly coloured play tent for kids. Ideal for playing inside or outdoors, this pop up play tent features a roll-up door and peek-a-boo windscreen as we...

RRP: £29.99
Offer price: £20.00


Disney Cars DKV46 Mack Playset
Disney Pixar Cars fans' cheery red hauler packs a ton of fun. The Mack Action Drivers Playset features a trailer that easily opens to reveal more than 5 play areas. Drive your Action Drivers vehicles in and experience the royal, pro racer treatment with parts that move. Get serviced at the gas pump,...

RRP: £34.99
Offer price: £53.74



Disney CDN64 Pixar Cars Toy Mack Truck Playset, Lightning McQueen Story Sets (Rust-eze)
As a transporter, Mack proudly carries Lightning McQueen to places near - like Radiator Springs - and far - like worldwide races. Then he parks his mega wheels and opens up to reveal multiple play areas inspired by the movies! Kick back in front of the big screen TV with Lightning McQueen and his tr...

RRP: £22.99
Offer price: £14.99


Disney Pixar Cars 3 Travel Time Mack Playset
Inspired by Disney Pixar Cars 3, this Travelling Mack and Vehicle Playset is ideal for any Cars fan.

The hauler features iconic details and real rolling wheels for exciting push-around play while the awesome interior fits up to 4 vehicles for transporting crew and key racers!

This Ma...

RRP: £24.99
Offer price: £17.84



LEGO UK 10846 Cars 3 Flo's Café
Disney Pixar Cars 3 fans will love creating friendship stories with these iconic characters in Radiator Springs. Help your young Cars fan develop fine motor skills building Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez and Mack, and when they've all finished hanging out at Flo's V8 Café, your child can fuel them...

RRP: £44.99
Offer price: £35.63


Disney Pixar Cars 3 - Race Track Mack

RRP: £33.89
Offer price: £33.89



Disney Cars DVF39 Cars Transforming Mack Playset
With this tower jump you get two ways to play with Mack as a push around hauler and a stunt training set. Store your favourite Cars characters inside and drive to your next location. Park and practice your stunts with pop and drop action. Press the cab to launch cars off the sky-high ramp and aim fo...

RRP: £20.99
Offer price: £19.05


Disney Cars Colour Changer Mack Transporter Toy
In Disney Pixar s Cars Mack is the happy and loyal big rig who never quits This Mack Transporter is equipped to not only transport Lightning McQueen to his next big race but also customize his entire look His impressive trailer has an upper level to hold two water tanks one for warm water and one fo...

RRP: £19.99
Offer price: £17.00



Disney CARS Mack Hauler - Transporter for Lightning McQueen
These 1:55 scale die-cast cars are perfect for recreating all the great scenes from the movie.

RRP: £35.99
Offer price: £35.99


Mattel Disney Pixar Cars 2 - Mack Truck Carry Case

RRP: £44.99
Offer price: £44.99



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