Fast Jets
Tredders is a 24 year old rookie Tornado GR4 pilot with the
Royal Air Force. His weapons systems operator is Jonno, a 27
year old, who has fl own for four years with the Tornado Force.
The two of them, and their colleagues, are about to embark
on their pre-deployment training. Th...



Tornado Over the Tigris : Recollections of a Fast Jet Pilot
Written from the unique perspective of a fast jet cockpit, Tornado Over the Tigris captures the essence of what it was really like to fly a Tornado at the front-line of the Cold War in Germany and on operations over Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf War.

After achieving a bo...




RAF Typhoon Manual (Owner's Workshop Manual): An insight into owning, flying and maintaining the world's most advanced multi-role fast jet (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manuals)
Highly capable and extremely agile, the RAF's Typhoon (Eurofighter) is a multi-role combat aircraft that is capable of being deployed across the full spectrum of air operations - from air policing, to peace support, through to high-intensity conflict. Published with the full cooperation of the RAF, ...

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Adventures of a Cold War Fast-Jet Navigator: The Buccaneer Years

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Flying Freestyle: An RAF Fast Jet Pilot's Story: An RAF Fast Jet Pilot's Story
During a twenty-five year flying career in the RAF, Jerry Pook has flown Hunter Fighter/Ground Attack aircraft in the Gulf, Harriers in West Germany, the supersonic Starfighter with the Dutch Air Force, the Harrier in Belize, Central America and the Tornado bomber at the Tri-national Tornado Trainin...



Voodoo Warriors: The Story of the McDonnell Voodoo Fast-jets: The Story of the McDonnell Voodoo Fast-Jets
During the mid-1950s the United States Air Force was given its most powerful single-seat, two-engine fighter to date. The Voodoo would be deployed before the end of that decade in the tactical nuclear bomber and tactical reconnaissance roles world-wide, and in homeland defense with ...




Fast Jets: Bk.1: A Pilot's Eye View (Osprey colour series)

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Fast Jets and Other Beasts

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Fast Jets: Bk.2: A Pilot's Eye View (Osprey colour series)

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Through the Barrier: Flying Fast Jets in the RAF and USAF
Clive Evans had a lengthy front-line flying career in which he flew Hunters, Canberras and Lightnings. Apart from his personnel experiences he describes all these types in considerable detail, explaining technical details and the nuances of each type. The final fast jet he flew was during a three ye...

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