Fossil Box with Study of Fossils Booklet
This little box is crammed full of interesting specimens of fossils. They are a great introduction to the world of fossils for the budding junior collector and the informative and educational booklet is a great addition to this set. Contains small parts. The fossil box measures 5cm(W) x 7.5(H) x 3cm...

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Offer price: £8.45


Dig Out Dinosaur Fossil Jurassic Prehistoric World Creatures Digging Kit Skeletons Toy by KandyToys
Dinosaur Fossils Digging Kit Childrens Craft Set contains: 3 blocks with 6 different glow in the dark dinosaurs 1 x Mallet, Chisel & Cleaning Brush Suitable for age 6+ Each block measures approx: 10cm x 7cm x 3.5cm .

RRP: £5.78
Offer price: £4.79



When a boy and his dog go for a hike, the boy trips on a fossil, and it comes to life, revealing an ancient plant. The boy is so intrigued that he breaks two more fossils that come to life-a dragonfly and a pteranodon. When these prehistoric creatures collide with present reality, the boy must figur...

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Offer price: £7.99


Fossils Sticker Book

RRP: £4.99
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Mega Fossil Mine – Dig Up 15 Real Fossils with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Premium science education. Quality toys.

With National Geographic, kids learn all about the science of nature through engaging, hands-on activities!

Dig into this Mega Fossil Mine with the archeological tools provided and explore real fossils that are millions of years old! Iden...

RRP: £29.99
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Fossil hunting 101: A guide for the absolute newbie

RRP: £5.72
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Polished Ammonite Fossil 110 million years old! Stocking Filler / Birthday Gift - Free Postage!
Ammonites lived during the periods of Earth history known as the Jurassic and Cretaceous. Together, these represent a time interval of about 140 million years. The Jurassic Period began about 201 million years ago, and the Cretaceous ended about 66 million years ago. The ammonites became extinct at ...

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Silverline HA65B Tubular Shaft Brick Hammer, 16 oz
Tubular steel shaft, polished head and face. Heavy duty rubber handle.

RRP: £6.80
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Fossil Collection Kit - Contains 15 Genuine Fossils!
This fossil collection kit is a great starting point for the budding junior fossil enthusiast. The kit contains 15 genuine fossils in a display tray along with a mini magnifier to examine the specimens more closely. An informative sheet is also supplied to identify the fossils. Find more fossil & mi...

RRP: £14.95
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Fossil Derrick, Men’s Wallet, Braun (Dark Brown), 2.5x9.5x11.4 cm (B x H T)
From high-quality leather, the FOSSIL coin purse is an optimal choice. With extra card door inside the horizontal wallet has all the important subjects and is even equipped with RFID blocker. Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 2 cm.

RRP: £49.00
Offer price: £39.00



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