Mixed Acrylic Jewels Gemstones Card Making Crafts Embellishments Large - Bag Size: 100G
Assorted Acrylic Gems - Jewels

Ideal For A Wide Variety Of Useseach Pack Contains Different Styles And Colours  Sizes Range From 7mm To 40mm (See Pics) Circle - Heart - Oval - Square - Tear - Hexagonal - Star & Others

 Amount,Style And Colour In Each Bag Will Vary On Sizes Include...

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Crystal Gems Digging Excavation Kit Gemstones Set
Crystal Gems Digging Kit 12 fabulous crystal gemstones are to be discovered in the rock. Excavate your very own crystal gems from the rock. The kit contains 3 different rocks each with 4 different gems to find. The kit also provides the tools necessary to find them - mallet, chisel and dust cleaning...

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QGEM Reiki Sphere Amethyst Gemstone Crystal Balls with Black Obsidian Base Seven Star Group Healing Balancing
The Seven Star Group Healing Crystal Balls Symbolize Wealth And Abundance, Helping You To Achieve All What You Desire! It Brings Good Luck, and Also Relieves Stress. They Bring Excellent Healing Powers, Especially For The Heart And Heart Chakra.

Amethyst aids in beating ...

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Gemstones of the World: Newly Revised Fifth Edition
Gemstones of the World

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Creation Station 250 g Approximately 250 Acrylic Gemstones , Assorted Colours

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Gemstone Selection Box . Collection of 20 Genuine Gemstones. Perfect For a Present
A great starter kit for the young or novice collector. This genuine gemstone display box has information on the back to help you identify the names of the real gemstones contained inside. Find more fossil & mineral gifts by searching for Fossil Gift Shop on Amazon!

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Gemstone Dig Kit by National Geographic
Dig Up Precious Stones and Start an Amazing Rock Collection!National Geographicâ€TMs Gemstone Dig is an exciting hands-on adventure that kids absolutely love! Your child will become a treasure hunter as they carefully uncover spectacular gemstones using the digging tools provided. National Geogra...

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Quality and Value Acrylic Gemstones 100g Assorted Shapes And Sizes, Supplied By Kids B Crafty
Flat Back Gemstones From Kids B Crafty;Assorted Shapes and Sizes;Ideal For Craft Projects;Excellent Quality

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600 Pieces Gems Acrylic Craft Jewels Flatback Rhinestones Gemstone Embellishments Heart Star Square Oval and Round, 6 to 10 mm, Assorted Color

acrylic craft jewels flatback rhinestones hearts stars square oval and round gems crystals

Flatback gemstones size:
9 mm In heart gems, 10 mm in star gems, 6 mm in square gems, 8 x 10 mm in oval gems, 6 mm in round cabochon gems and 8 mm in round flat top gems

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Mega Gemstone Mine – Dig Up 15 Real Gems with NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Premium science education. Quality toys.

With National Geographic, kids learn all about the science of nature through engaging, hands-on activities!

Dig into this Mega Gemstone Mine with the archeological tools provided and explore naturally formed crystals and gems. Identify yo...

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