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CLASSIC Plast Bottle for Guinea Pig, 320 ml
The Classic Deluxe Rabbit bottle is fitted with stainless steel twin ball point sleeve for superior drinking capability, allowing your pet to take the amount of water it needs with ease, while allowing for no leaks and drips. Contains flexible coated wire

RRP: £3.51
Offer price: £1.49


Looking After Guinea Pigs (Usborne Pet Guides)
Looking After Guinea Pigs

RRP: £5.99
Offer price: £3.19



Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Guinea Pig 3 kg
Science Selective Guinea Pig A nutritionally complete and balanced diet for guinea pigs. Prevents selective feeding â€" a common problem for many guinea pigs With added vitamin C-800mg/kg â€" an essential daily requirement Enhances digestive health &dental wear with optimum fibre levels High i...

RRP: £8.99
Offer price: £6.99


Wrendale by Royal Worcester Wrendale Lettuce Be Friends (Guinea Pig) Single Mug, Bone China, Multi-Colour, 11 x 6.5 x 8.3 cm
Royal Worcester's fine bone china mugs come in a wonderful array of designs. The Wrendale Designs collection features a delightful range of countryside animals in Hannah Dale's effervescent style. Hannah Dale, the creative genius behind Wrendale Designs, is an accomplished artist inspired by the ani...

RRP: £11.00
Offer price: £8.80



Harrington's Optimum Guinea Pig 10 Kg
Harringtons Optimum is a fully extruded, all in one, nugget diet for Guinea Pigs. Containing all the ingredients required for a healthy diet, each nugget contains balanced nutrition which helps avoid selective feeding and promotes optimum health. With extra added vitamin C and natural antioxidants t...

RRP: £18.99
Offer price: £14.89


Beaphar Rabbit & Guinea Pig Anti-parasite Spot On 4 Tubes
Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs is a veterinary medicine containing ivermectin in convenient, ready-to-use pipettes. It clears rabbits and guinea pigs of external parasites such as mites, lice, fleas and ticks and internal parasites such as roundworms. Particularly recommen...

RRP: £5.47
Offer price: £4.50



1set Pet Nail Clippers Cutter File For Dogs Cats Birds Guinea Pig Animal Claws Scissor Cut Set Kit

Healthy And Safety Trim Your Dogs Nails at Home

Handy Guillotine Pet Nail Cutters
These Clippers are ideal for cutting most Small household pets Claws.
Keep your pets Nails short, reducing and problems incurred from long nails such as dirt build up...

RRP: £7.99
Offer price: £2.99


Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On for Rabbit and Guinea Pigs
Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On is suitable for use on rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats weighing 300g or more. It contains ivermectin and is effective against lice, fleas, mange mites, other mites and roundworms. It will continue to be effective for up to four weeks from the day of treatment. Si...

RRP: £5.85
Offer price: £3.44



Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch, 10 kg
New recipe - Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch is now a nugget recipe and no longer a muesli. Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch is a tasty and nutritious food designed to make sure your guinea pig receives a balanced, healthy diet. It contains extra vitamin C in a protected form (200mg/kg) which is essential to keep you...

RRP: £12.33
Offer price: £11.99


Excel Burgess Nuggets with Mint Guinea Pig Food 10 kg

RRP: £25.67
Offer price: £18.49



Ferplast Wooden Guinea Pig House
Ferplast Wooden Guinea Pig House. Easy to assemble wooden house. Ideal for use in outdoor runs or simply add to your existing cage.



America's Guinea Pigs G-Force Poster
Officially licensed films and movies maxi poster. Featuring the G-Force guinea pigs. Get ready for action with this image of America's Guinea Pigs, from the hit movie G-Force.




Lawrence Guinea Pig Brush
Lawrence Guinea Pig Brush



The Second Star to the Left DVD
One Christmas Eve a parcel falls from Santa's sleigh and lands in a small garden shed inhabited by three pets: Archie the rabbit, Duke the guinea pig and Babs the hamster. Determined to deliver the lost Christmas present by daybreak to its rightful owner, they embark on an exciting new adventure.




Pennine Indoor Guinea Pig Cage
Pennine Indoor Guinea Pig Cage. The ideal starter home, the indoor guinea pig cage has a traditional design featuring a plastic base and cage top.



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