Defenders Hi-Vis Mole Trap Markers (Stainless Steel Pole with UV Light Resistant Plastic Flag, Prevents Damage to Mowers and Garden Equipment) - Pack of 5
Set Of 5 Defenders Hi Viz Easy Find Mole Trap Markers Orange Flags UV Light Resistant Stainless Steel pole with plastic flag. Ensures mole traps are easy to find to avoid accidental damage to mowers and other equipment. Overall height approx 30cm Fag size approx: 7cm x 6cm

RRP: £4.99
Offer price: £4.99


Defenders Mole Repellent Scatter Granules (Humane, Natural Mole Deterrent, Suitable for Year-Round Use, Covers up to 45 sq m, Safe for Use Around Children and Pets), 450 g
DEFENDERS MOLE DETERRENT Biodegradable granules coated with lavender as an effective Natural Active mole repellent Treatment area 45 square metres of lawn and garden areas No need to exclude children or pets from treatment areas Year round use: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter

RRP: £6.19
Offer price: £4.99



Whac-a-Mole Treasure Game by Whac-a-mole
Get your mallet ready because you are in a race for treasure! Find the cave of jewels before you get smacked! Roll the die and match the color to make your move. Land on a space with a Mallet icon and you get to smash your opponents! First one to reach the treasure wins! It's smashing wacky fun for ...

RRP: £14.20
Offer price: £14.20


Drillpro 1Piece Solar Mole Repeller,Ultrasonic Rat Mouse Repellent Deterrent Spike For Garden Yard Field Farm Glassland With Sonic Wave Device,(Range: 650 square meters,Solar Panel:4V/45MA,70x90mm) Green
Product Features:
1.With dissemination of simulated sound waves & shock wave to stimulate the central nervous system of rat underground,then causes dis-comfortable and panic anxiety of mice, making it reluctant to approach the scene.
2.Suitable for surface and underground pest repeller where...

RRP: £29.99
Offer price: £9.98



Vegas 2 PCS Solar Mole Repeller, Ultrasonic Rat Mouse Repellent Deterrent Spike For Garden Yard Field Farm Glassland
Easy and convenient to use.
Safe and Chemical free.
Made of durable ABS plastic and corrosion-proof aluminum.
Solar powered and no need for extra battery.
Waterproof, no worry for extreme weather.
No need someone to guard crops, safe and time-saving.
No h...

RRP: £48.99
Offer price: £22.99


The Mole Catcher's Daughter: How to Put the Science of Management to Work for You

An original short story taken from the anthology Motives for Murder, by members of The Detection Club

Historical expert Kate Ellis pays tribute to Peter Lovesey's Sergeant Cribb series with this twisty short story, set in the 1800s.





Sitting Mole Plush Soft Toy by Living Nature
Sitting Mole

RRP: £10.75
Offer price: £10.75


La Costeña Mole Paste 235g
The most traditional sauce in Mexico. A complex and delicious sauce made with chocolate, nuts different chilli peppers and spices. Traditionally served on top of cooked turkey and chicken. Also used as sauce to make enchiladas and chilaquiles. This pasta needs to be diluted with stock to adjust your...

RRP: £3.10
Offer price: £2.89



VENSMILE Solar Sonic Mole Deterrent Gopher Repellent Repel Voles Rats Mice and Outdoor Rodent Chaser Spike
VENSMILE Solar Powered Sonic Pest Repeller offers a poison-free and humane way to drive away harmful moles, voles, gophers, and other burrowing rodents

Effective Coverage: 8,000 sq.ft
Solar Panel Input: 4V/200mA
Rechargeable battery capacity: 800mA

RRP: £14.90
Offer price: £14.90


PestExpel Scissor Claw Mole Vole Trap x 2
A high quality item manufactured to the highest standards designed to give effective results year after year

RRP: £10.00
Offer price: £7.00



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