Super Powders - Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms for Energy, Beauty, Mood, and Well-Being

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Pukka Herbs - Mushroom Gold, Organic Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake - Pack of 60 Capsules
What is Mushroom Gold? Mushroom Gold is based on three edible mushrooms - organic Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake. Mushrooms have been used for centuries to help support a healthy ecosystem. We ensure that the fruiting body and mycellium as well as the extra-cellular metabolites are blended to deliver ...

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Cooks & Co Dried Porcini Mushrooms 500 g

Cooks & Co began back in 2003, as a team of specialist food importers with over 65 years experience.  They are constantly searching for interesting new foods, and with what they already have to offer, there's no doubt they care about their food.

The essence of Cooks & Co is to offer food ...

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Mushroom Complex 6 – MAXIMUM STRENGTH 12000mg per Capsule - Chaga, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Reishi, Lions mane, Maitake - UK Manufactured (120 Capsule Pouch)
Full spectrum Dual extracted (alcohol/water) water-soluble and the non-water-soluble bio actives.
Grow traditionally and naturally (not grown in a lab on substrates) on the following Chaga = grown wild on Russian birch trees. Cordyceps = Organic grain. Lion's mane = Hardwood sticks. Maitake = H...

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ILSE JACOBSEN Women's Slimfit Soft Shell Three Quarter Long Sleeve Raincoat, Brown (Dark Ash Mushroom), 10 (Manufacturer Size: 38)
Made of breathable softshell material with fleece lining, this raincoat allows you to move freely in the rain with no sweat. Resisting water pressure up to 5000mm, it can withstand even the hardest torrential downpour. A Teflon Nanotech membrane creates an invisible shield, that will protect you fro...

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DIMDIM Mushroom Brush with Stainless Steel Handle
Mushroom Brush with Stainless Steel Handle
With Soft plastic bristles
For Flavour-preserving cleaning of edible mushrooms
designed to gently clean mushrooms without damaging their delicate skins.
5cm/2in diameter stainless steel handle - overall length of 6cm/2.4in

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Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kitchen Garden Grow Your Own Kit

Espresso Mushroom Company is a group of coffee-drinking food lovers who've taken the next step to bring you the ultimate in fresh, home grown and sustainable produce - fantastic Oyster Mushrooms grown on used coffee grounds!

Our mushrooms are served in some of Brighton's finest re...

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The culmination of over thirty years' work, this authoritative and superbly illustrated reference work is packed with the most up-to-date information and original photographs. Set to become the essential illustrated mycological encyclopedia for the next 25 years, this book is also clear, user friend...

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Golden Swan Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, 1 kg

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Hemline H231 | Traditional Wooden Mushroom Darner | For Darning Socks
Traditional wooden tool used for darning socks, stockings, sleeves etc.

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