Seedlip Garden 108 Liqueurs 70cl
The second bottling from Seedlip is a celebration of summer ? a non-alcoholic spirit that bursts with clean, fresh herbal flavours. Perfect for designated drivers or if you?re not drinking at the moment, it's great served long with bitter lemon or soda water over ice. Creator Ben Branson won?t say e...

RRP: £27.95
Offer price: £21.85


Union Spirit Blend Ground Coffee 200 g (Pack of 3)

RRP: £14.70
Offer price: £12.67



Knock Out Spirits of Salt 500ml
At Dowler Homestore in Lisnaskea we stock a wide variety of cleaning products. The Barretine Knock Out spirits of salt is ideal for removing stubborn blockages in pipes and drains caused by grease, hair soap and other natural blockages. The spirits of salt can also be used to descale from toilets ar...

RRP: £4.25
Offer price: £2.49


Spirit Legacy (The Gateway Trilogy Book 1)

"The Gateway is open..."

These cryptic words wake college student Jess Ballard from a terrifying dream into an even more terrifying reality.

Jess' life has never been what anyone would call easy; doing damage control in the wake of your nomadic, alcoholic mother doe...




Max 500 ml Spirits of Salts All-Purpose Cleaner - Pack of 6

RRP: £15.54
Offer price: £15.54


Kentos Finest Mastiha Liqueur
Kentos (20% abv) is the premium and authentic mastiha liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers' Association. The liqueur is made using the natural and aromatic resin ('mastiha') of the mastiha tree, a remarkably rare evergreen tree that is only able to grow in the southern part of the Greek island of Ch...

RRP: £20.99
Offer price: £20.99



Sugarcraft Edible Dipping Solution / Rejuvinator Spirit 280ml
Culpitt dipping solution is another great product from culpitt, this food grade isopropyl alcohol can be used to colour flowers when mixed with lustres or tints, or glaze when diluted with confectioners glaze. A great product for those cake decorating projects.

RRP: £10.00
Offer price: £8.99


Draper 79579 230 mm Torpedo Spirit Level with Magnetic Base
ABS with a magnetic strip in the base. Unbreakable all-round reading horizontal, vertical and 4; vials. Incorporates a V groove in the top, rubber end caps and a hang hole. Accuracy 1.75mm per 1M = 0.57° in standard position. Manufactured for Draper Tools by Kapro. Display packed.

RRP: £4.80
Offer price: £4.51



Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

RRP: £5.99
Offer price: £5.99


Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit Fluid (food grade iso-propyl-alcohol)
Sugarflair REJUVENATOR SPIRIT / FLUID Sugarflair 14mlRejuvenator Spirit is food grade alcohol (99.9% pure) which can be used to dilute paste colourings to form an edible paint / liquid colouringRejuvenator Fluid can also be added to any of the full range of Blossom Tints, Edible Lustres, Rainbow Dus...

RRP: £3.71
Offer price: £1.90



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