The Troll King
A dwarf falls into a river and is taken to a place beyond space and time. A carrot takes a bath and finds itself transforming. Two reclusive mountain men rejoice when their wish for children is granted, but their sons make a terrible discovery. And throughout all these tales, the spirit of the fores...

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Offer price: £3.21


Jared: Volume 5 (Kings of Guardian)

RRP: £9.99
Offer price: £6.94



The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King
1981 BBC Radio dramatisation of The Lord of the Rings 12 disc edition released 2002 on CD

RRP: £80.00
Offer price: £47.40


The Troll King of Wildland: The Adventures of Julianna
Ten year old Julianna had no idea that her life would change so much when she adopted a ferret from the local animal shelter. Strange things begin to happen once she had Miss Reba home. Julianna doesn’t know what to think when her new-found friend starts talking to her – and she understands her!...




Jason (Kings of Guardian Book 4)

Jason King was presented the opportunity of a lifetime…

…assume control of Guardian Security from the billionaire who had built the world renowned agency.

As CEO, Jason would manage the best security resources in the world. Former SEALs, Rangers, Recon, Green Berets, ag...



KING GRISTLE Baby BERGEN Plush 12'' 30cm from TROLLS Movie - ORIGINAL Dreamworks
This high quality plush measures 14 inches and is officially licensed. Prince Gristle is a character from the hit Trolls Dreamworks film. Suitable for ages 12 months and over.

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Jasmine (Kings of Guardian Book 6)

Jasmine King loved her chosen profession until she was assigned as Chad Nelson’s personal security officer.

The sex-fueled country superstar was either a stone cold killer or the target of a deranged psychopath. Regardless, the self-absorbed bad boy was now hers to protect, and s...



The Troll King (The Jharro Grove Saga Book 4)
Part Four of the Jharro Grove Saga and a book in the acclaimed Bowl of Souls Series, an action-filled fantasy series set in a world of magic, mystery, and monsters!

He was born a king. Half troll and half man, he crawled from the womb of a god and found himself leader of a deforme...




Michael Moon and the Curse of the Troll King (Austin Macauley)

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Jacob: Kings of Guardian (Book 1): Volume 1

RRP: £9.92
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The troll king