Turkish Emporium Striped 100% Organic Cotton Hand Loomed Bath Towel Hammam Fouta Pestemal Peshtemal (Turquoise)
100% Turkish Cotton Peshtemal - Hand Loomed - Tight Woven - Fringed Edges. Size: 95 x 175 cm ( 37 x 70 inches) This Turkish Bath towel is traditionally used in the hammam but many are finding that it is highly useful as an all-purpose towel for the beach, travel or bathroom. Folds up considerably sm...

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Jubal [DVD] [1956]




Turkish Freakout: Psych-Folk Singles 1969-1980
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Hazer Baba Turkish Apple Tea 250 g (Pack of 3)
Turkish apple tea (or elma çay as it is called in Turkey) is not really a tea, but is a fruity delicious drink based on the black tea brew from Turkey. Hazer Baba have taken the national soft drink of Turkey and made it available as apple tea crystals. Convenient and versatile, Turkish apple tea is...

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Cacala 100% Cotton Pestemal Turkish Bath Towel, 37 x 70", Aqua

The Peshtemal is highly absorbent and dries very quickly, light in weight and takes up little space meaning it's the perfect travel companion. It's great in bathrooms, pools, spa's, beaches, sport facilities and most importantly baby care, the possibilities are endless!

Traditionally Pesh...

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Turkish Delight [DVD]
Although the confectionary does make an appearance at the end of the film, Turkish Delight, as a title, may be interpreted in a number of ways. This violent tale of love is told in flashback from the perspective of bohemian artist Eric Vonk (Rutger Hauer, collaborating for the first time with...




A Turkish Cookbook for Beginners: Learn Delicious Turkish Cooking in Only Minutes
Turkish cuisine is known throughout the world for its rich and bold flavors. The style of food spans from deep in the Middle East to the mountains of Central Asia. With yogurts, meats, and spices, Turkish cuisine is quickly catching on in the West, as well, and now we can find restaurants serving Tu...

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Turkish Ground Coffee Mehmet Efendi, 250g
Mehmet Efendi - Turkish coffee 500g

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Turkish Delights: Stunning regional recipes from the Bosphorus to the Black Sea
In Turkish Delights John Gregory-Smith brings his passion for Turkey and its food to your kitchen. He celebrates the best of the country's traditional food with 100 regional dishes, giving each one his simple, modern spin. Forget greasy late-night doner kebabs, John offers the Iskender kebab from th...

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Turkish Grammar in Practice
Key features Turkish Grammar in Practice is a completely new reference and practice book for learners of Turkish. It comes with the following key features: • Clear and easy-to-follow explanations • Over 2000 sample sentences and dialogues • Around 3000 practice questions • Around 450 colour ...

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